Sony's Fashion Entertainments Project and ISSEY MIYAKE announce the joint development of new e-Ink material for fashion

- Unveiling at the ISSEY MIYAKE 2017 Paris Fashion Week Spring and Summer -


You can see the bag in 3 min 45 sec and 9 min 40 sec.

The design changing bag made from e-Ink material was unveiled on the ISSEY MIYAKE runway in the Paris Collection on 30 Sep. 2016.
ISSEY MIYAKE announced the new e-Ink, design changing bag which uses Sony's cutting edge electronics technology and was jointly developed by Fashion Entertainments of Sony. The e-ink material can show various expressions with gradations of white and black in one pixel e-ink, by applying different voltages to each corner of the bag. Sony was also able to control the e-ink as a single piece of material while integrating a uniquely-shaped hole pattern designed by ISSEY MIYAKE The bag celebrates the merge of digital and analog by interweaving thin strips of leather into the e-ink material. The gradation design can be changed at the push of a button and also with gesture control detected by an embedded acceleration sensor. Designed in two colors, black and white, the bag will be available worldwide at select ISSEY MIYAKE stores next April.
Sony's Fashion Entertainments has released FES Watch and other products by developing e-ink modules as a material of fashion. This joint development with ISSEY MIYAKE is a new initiative to accomplish the vision of the digitalization of fashion. Fashion Entertainments is inspired to create new experiences and products that integrate digital and fashion.