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FES WATCH U new balance THE NEW 247

247 v2 Concept Model : Inspired by FES Watch U

Wear time, your way.

Sony’s FES Watch U is brand-new proposal for anyone to “change its design any time” by utilizing maximum possibility of e-paper.

24hours/7days with modern and urban lifestyle. THE NEW 247 by NEW BALANCE has been updated for people who has their own belief and path to walk on.

Today, with our mutual vision, FES Watch U contributes its e-paper technology and dropped the special version of THE NEW 247.

We evolve, we create the future of fashion together.

※This is prototype shoes and not for sale.


About FES Watch U

Synchronize with your smartphone.
Wear time, your way.

FES Watch U is a "display watch"—an advanced fashion watch featuring e-paper in the face and band. With the dedicated app, users can install original designs by prominent creators and display them on FES Watch U. Users can also create and install their own unique designs.

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About Special Design

The special design inspired by 247v2 are available to download in limited time.

  • Special Design1
  • Special Design2

FES Watch U Lineup



    case & buckle : black
    belt : black



    case & buckle : silver
    belt : black


FES Closet app

FES Closet is available on App Store & Google Play

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